You’re not born a winner..
You’re not born a loser..
You’re born a chooser!

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Through power demonstrations  and feats of strength Ray and Jannet show children of all ages and adults alike that they can overcome challenges and tough times. When you realize that you’re  not born a winner, you‘re not born a loser - you’re  were born a chooser, you can therefore choose to be a champion in life.

What Is A Champion?


There are  many types of champions. An athlete is what most people think of when they think of a champion.  A person who overcomes all the odds is another thought of a champion. We believe also that a champion is a person who fights for or defends any person or cause. A TRUE CHAMPION is one who will go out of his/her way to help others succeed and not just themselves. A TRUE CHAMPION helps others see that failure is not an option. Where there is team...there is conquest. 

What You Can Expect:


• One of the most inspirational School Assemblies 

• Students and teachers will be inspired and motivated to choose to be a CHAMPION

• Students and teachers will be taught what it means  to be a TRUE-CHAMPION in life

•  Age related topics such as; Making Good Choices- Bullying - Peer Pressure - Drug Prevention - Alcohol Abuse - Abstinence -  Suicide -Self Esteem - Violence - Power of Words -Character Building - Being A Dream Maker and Not A Dream Breaker

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Ray Clark

I am a lifetime drug-free professional bodybuilder and have been competing since 2011. I am a motivational and inspirational speaker and have been speaking in schools, prisons, events and organizations around the world since 2000 with my wife Jannet Abraham-Clark.

We use feats of strength such as breaking baseball bats, bending steel bars, ripping phone books and rolling up frying pans as and illustrated message to bring hope and encouragement to our audiences. 


Graduated High School  1994

United States Marine Corp Security Forces 1994-1997

Certified Personal Trainer 1997-Present.

Married in 2000 to Jannet Abraham-Clark.

2010 Started competing in Bodybuilding.

2010 NPC Atlantic Coast Classic First Place and Overall Winner.

2010 NPC All South 2nd Place.

2011 NPC Orlando Europa First Place.

2011 NPC Battle on the Coast First Place and Overall Winner.

2011 Hurricane Bay Second Place.

2012 OCB Southeast States First PL

2012 NGA Sunshine State First PL

2012 OCB Florida State First PL

2014 NPC Orlando Metropolitan First Place and Overall Champion.

*2014 Turned Pro NGA Northeast Ohio Natural.

2014 Pro Debut NGA Peoria Natural Championship Second PL.

2014 Earned Mr. NGA Pro Universe Title

2015 DFAC Minnesota Mayhem First Place Champion.

2015 IPE Kansas City International First Place Champion.

2015 OCB Gaspari Pro Second Place.

2017 OCB Yorton Cup First Place Heavyweight Champion.

2017 NGA Pro Universe Second Place.

2017 NGA Mid Atlantic Pro Blowout Open Second Place and Masters First Place.

As a dynamic and powerful motivational speaker and innovator, My wife and  I will bring new life and a powerful assembly to your school. Contact me, and we can design  presentation that fits the needs and hopes for your school.

Jannet Abraham-Clark

After making so many wrong choices in my life growing up, it took one person to help my see that I had a "seed of greatness" on the inside of me. She helped me see that its never too late to start over. My life long dream from a little girl was to grow up and get married, to be  teacher and to travel the world.  Because of tough times and pressures in life, I became a high school dropout strung out on drugs and tried to commit suicide twice. I'm ever so grateful for that "lady in a laundromat" who was willing to look past my faults and see my need.  I actually went back to school and got  not only my high school education but college education as well! Today i'm living my dream! Known as some of the BEST MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS and TOP MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS,  my husband Ray  and I speak in schools around the world teaching, motivating and encouraging students of all ages  to "choose2beachampion" to be a Dream-maker and not a dream-breaker. We use feats of strength to capture their attention!


1990 Became the FIRST WOMAN EVER to blow up a hot water bottle till it expodes.

1997 obtained my General Education Diploma.

1998-2000 was a Star Skater on TNN's Roller Jam Television Show, known as "The Abra-hammer" and "The Minister Of Pain"

Guest on Entertainment Tonight.1999

Guest on T.V. Show "To Tell The Truth" 1999

Appeared on Fox Sports Going Deep 1998

Featured Story in Sports Illustrated 2000.

Article in USA Today.

2000 Became the First Woman ever on the ALL Male Power Team.

2000 Married the man of my dreams Ray Clark in South Africa.

2012 Set record breaking 20 bricks with my forearm.

All-time best bench press 350lb

All-time best squat            475lb

All-time best deadlift         375lb


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